Sunday, July 16, 2017

Legazpi City Solo Travel

Travel Date: May 6-8, 2017

After work at around 2am I rushed to the airport for my 5am flight.
I was suppose to be o halfday shift until 11pm but I had to finish all my deliverable reports before I go on stealth mode weekend getaway.

For once I tried to pack the lightest bag possible.
My book would be the heaviest.

Took a cab from Mandaluyong City then rode my way to NAIA Terminal 3.
I don't want to be late and miss my flight.
And as I always I fly economy class.
The cheapest offer that I can get....because I travel in a tightbudget.
Saving a budget for travel is a struggle.

About an hour flight from Manila and I reached Legazpi City's Airport
And guess what I arrived to this!
The majestic Mayon Volcano saying hello our arrival
And of course the tourists like me started taking selfies and family photos with that amazing volcano not hiding behind the clouds

Anonymous friends of mine gave me tour in the city and the best spots in town
You know who you are and a big thank you from the bottom of my big fat heart.

First stop Cagsawa Ruins
At long last my face to face encounter with

Found the famous sili ice cream from Colonial Restaurant
I can only handle level 1
There are 3 levels for the Sili Ice Cream

Dinner at the Oriental Hotel
And yes they have a buffet table

Here's my plate from the buffet table

I'm not picky on places to stay as long as its within my budget I'll grab it
Stayed in Sampaguita Traveller's Inn.
With this vacation I had all the time to read my comic book: Mythology Class

Tried Waway's Restaurant and they serve amazing Filipino meals
my personal fave was the crispy shrimps

Pasalubong shopping

I also found this amazing halo halo from DJC near Metro mall

Before leaving I had a brunch at the airport cafeteria

And so my short journey ended and I had to fly back to Manila and save up again for future adventures.
Solo travel is not for everyone but its something I look forward to do in a regular basis, maybe an annual thing for myself

Sunday, May 28, 2017

MOA-Luneta Solo Field Trip

Initial plan was to visit and tour the National Museum, I was on leave Monday evening so I thought of visiting the museum and to my dismay the museum was closed every Monday. My bad, I should've checked the website before visiting

Anyhow my Monday, Feb. 6, 2017 ended up with a solo photowalk and here are the few photos I took that day.

Mall of Asia, Pasay City:

Luneta/Rizal Park, Manila