Sunday, May 28, 2017

MOA-Luneta Solo Field Trip

Initial plan was to visit and tour the National Museum, I was on leave Monday evening so I thought of visiting the museum and to my dismay the museum was closed every Monday. My bad, I should've checked the website before visiting

Anyhow my Monday, Feb. 6, 2017 ended up with a solo photowalk and here are the few photos I took that day.

Mall of Asia, Pasay City:

Luneta/Rizal Park, Manila


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Summer Beats Car and Motor Show - SM Novaliches

Summer Beats
Car and Motor Show
SM Novaliches
May 7, 2016

Since I didn't have any travel lately, I accidentally passed by a car show in SM Novaliches yesterday evening, May 7, 2016. I do photography as a hobby and I take pictures whenever possible. Good thing I brought my camera with me and I was able to shoot some of the event happenings.

I have nothing much to say with cars and pimped up rides but here are some of the photos I captured in the event. 

This is my first attempt to shoot for a car event. Note: I'm not the official photographer of course but I just enjoyed the diversity of lights these pimped up cars have and the beauty of these cars.

I hope to drive my own car one day.

Here's a few shots from the event. I hope it's good and I hope you guys like it.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Family Vacaton - Queen City of the South - Cebu City

Cebu City
Nov. 16-19, 2015
Family Vacation

Flights were booked in advance with seat sale from Air Asia. I started packing my bags on Sunday afternoon. I guess, I just love to cram. 15 kilos check in baggage and our hand carry items =) And yes we need all these things. Checked in baggage was cling wrapped and taped since everyone was scared of the "laglag bala scam". I'd rather be paranoid and super seal my bag that be a victim and suffer for fines.

Family left home early around 5pm for our booked flight at 9pm. With the heavy traffic in Manila, its better to wait in the airport than be late. In contrary to our over punctuality....our flights were unfortunately delayed. Although this was expected as the APEC leaders and delegates were arriving in Manila, and as a priority, there will be no fly zone during their arrival/departure. More flight delays were definitely expected. Good thing Air Asia advised on the 15th that our flight back to Manila on the 19th were cancelled. I was able to rebook the flight on the 20th with the ground crew of AirAsia. I was just crossing my fingers no more cancelled flights because I really need to get back to work on the evening of the 20th.

So there it was we waited for 9pm and unfortunately flights were delayed, to cut the story short we were able to board the plane at around 11:30 pm I think. Then I saw Manny Pacquiao's airplane.

You're super rich and famous if you have your name printed on it. From a very humble beginning now he can buy anything he wants

I was able to get a good deal for a place to stay in IHOP via We were in a small group, me and my parents, and we can fit in the house I was able to rent. Airbnb is a good option for those back packers who are in a tight budget but still want to travel. Hotels are pretty expensive in Cebu and I wouldn't want to spend just for the hotel. Yes, I'm on a tight budget, not your rich kid that can always splurge money.

I think we arrived in our place to stay at around 2am. I had to apologize with the owner since we were late for hours and he had to wait for us. Good thing Sir Cesar was nice enough to welcome us in his home.

I got in my room,

Unpacked my huge travel bag,
Ate dinner,
Had a few chitchat with the owner,
Then, off to dreamland!
The bed was amazingly soft and comfy!
Plus the air conditioned room was conducive for more zzz's.

Monday, November 16, we had a bit of city tour. First stop was ... where else....the mall!
We went to Ayala Center Cebu had a bit of stroll.
And voala!
Find the giant hanger! =)

We had our lunch at Lemon Grass

After having lunch, we visited Magellan's Cross and found the "I Love Cebu" sign of Island Souvenirs. Half of Magellan's cross was under renovation but the the other half was still ok. You can still take a picture of the cross. The blue plastic tarps we're off though. The dancing ladies we're still there for visitors who wanted to see them dancing with your prayer requests.

Next on our itinerary was our beach trip to Dalaguete down south. But first La Familia de Dato should find the South Bus Terminal.

Found the South Bus Terminal after minutes of walking from the city and asking around

Sunblock a necessity of every beach fan.

We arrived in Dalaguete....and we still can't find the beach that we were looking for so we asked around in Tagalog...while they speak in Cebuano. 

On our way to Dalaguete, noticed this fine scenery: small boats mostly in blue are resting on the shores of a river in Taloot

We had a night tour in Plaza Independecia and a quick view of Fort San Pedro.

Another thing I love about Cebu City....SunCellular Broadband has pretty amazing service. I got 3G within my stay in the city even while moving from home to another city! Unlike here in Manila....just move a few blocks then you lose a signal. Dead spots everyhere. Well anyways over all I enjoyed my stay in Cebu I'm not sure with my parents though. I'm into backpacking and travel and few things you'll need to get around an unfamiliar land is to ask, check your map (yes I had a map), learn to adjust, always remember your landmark and also try to find affordable deals that's always available you just have to find it. Until my next travel adventure!